WGC presents endpublication

Presentation by Peter Glas of the final publication, an update of the Building Blocks for Good Water Governance to the authors on the symposium of WGC on March 10, 2016 at Twynstra Gudde Amersfoort. Read more.. and download publcation (dutch)...

WGC End symposium on March 10, 2016

Ter afsluiting van 5 succesvolle jaren WGC heeft op 10 maart 2016 bij netwerkpartner Twijnstra Gudde in Amersfoort het eindsymposium “Onbegrensde samenwerking” plaatsgehad!

WGC ends activities

WGC has ended activities per April 2016

Publication on building blocks for good governance

WGC presents end publication: Updated version of the Building blocks for good water governance Download publication

Projecten en producten

Een overzicht van alle projecten en producten van het WGC in de afgelopen 5 jaar. Klik hier..

Wat is water governance

Water governance is all you need to give water its place in society. Water governance refers to the way the management of flood risk and water resources, fresh water supply and waste water treatment are organized, and the interaction between the organizations responsible for the related political, administrative, social, legal and financial elements. Read more...

Wat is het Water Governance Centre

WGC joins parties to strengthen the role of water governance in society. The Water Governance Centre is a networking organization that aims to strengthen the role of water governance in water issues both in The Netherlands and abroad. This may refer to, for instance, more interaction between water and spatial planning in order to make sufficiently room for more heavy downpour when climate changes. It may also refer to better agreements between countries in a river catchment to avoid conflicts over water. Read more...